Friday, September 3, 2010

RSS echos realtime with


For about 2 years now I have been using Twitterfeed to post my feeds into my StatusNet instance THE HEaRD.  With Twitter, Facebook pages, Buzz and other accounts on these services, getting my content to everywhere was a challenge. is a great service for allowing to echo to many social networks out there and Twitterfeed would post to that so things seemed fine...for a while.

Twitterfeed started to have issues posting to about 4 months ago and the communication between these two services has yet to be resolved.  I moved my personal feeds to HootSuite, which can post to Ping.FM, but wanted to get back to posting direct to StatusNet again.

Recently it appears that Twitterfeed is having issues posting content whose feeds reside on Feedburner.  Since I post from RSS to StatusNet directly, I am unsure where exactly that issue stems but this has been down for almost 3 weeks now. That was IT!  I pull in about 35 different feeds into an RSS account and this was a HUGE problem and Twitterfeed has been absent at best.  I decided to move on...

Enter, (Deliver it) builds upon the same premis as Twitterfeed but I think it takes all the features and reorganizes them for ease of routing RSS feeds to different accounts.  The best part is how you can setup global settings like a preferred URL shortening service and all accounts and feeds can be selected once created for future routes setup.  


Currently offers posting to the following services:

The support staff (@dlvrit_support) is active on Twitter and they just named a new CEO so it appears this could be a service that is going to have some stiction.  Currently to join you add a feed and connect using OAuth with twitter or facebook but once the account is created, you can remove posting to those accounts if you don't want to use it.  I suggested having OpenID so you could use any provider like Google or even your StatusNet site (if you have the plugin enabled) and they responded via twitter. 

I have had this dialed in for the past few days and all is working wonderfully.  I was not aware of how unreliable Twitterfeed had become now that all is working again.  Twitterfeed was a great service and to their credit, their success has made them grow to a size that reliability has taken a downward turn.  Competition is great for the consumer and this is a perfect example.  Thank you for the great service and keep innovating! ~Lou

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