Thursday, July 29, 2010

Landing page..

Being on the Internet now since 1992, I have wanted to have my own domain point to a blog that linked to everywhere I am on the web. ??Since a majority of my time on the web is work related, I recently started a blog of my MTB riding as well as my journey going Solar. ??I also have a family website and blog and all the other services and social sites I belong to which are outlined on my Google Profile.??


With all the growing online hangouts it is hard to point someone who I meet to a single place to go to find out where I am on the InterWebs. ??So since we all love the simplicity of Posterous and I am hosted a few other blogs on here, I figured this could be the place I talk about my own tech projects and the things I am us on that front. ??I do, however, spend a lot of time on Buzz so that is where most of my musings are shared which then get pushed out everywhere.??

Here there will be posts on technical projects I am working on with Linux like StatusNet (Open Source Twitter Clone, known as THE HEaRD) and developments on my FedOne Wave server (Open Federation of Google Wave-like server). ??It might also contain other DIY or tech related projects I am working on that don't really pertain to my work or other life projects. ??Stay tuned! ??~Lou

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