Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Time Stamps in Notepad

This is a great little tip for those of you that use Notepad to keep simple notes and want to add a time stamp.  This can be done as an automated function by simply adding ".LOG" and hitting Enter on the first line of a blank Notepad document and saving it.  Upon open, Notepad will enter a date in the form "8:49 AM 8/3/2010" and you can continue with your note taking glory!  

Now close your note and reopen, you will see that Notepad has now added another time stamp and you are logging your entries.  If you don't want this automated you can simply hit "F5" and that will manually drop a time stamp where your cursor is in the document.
If you want to "graduate" up to a more sophisticated notepad app, try out NotePad++, which is a free and open source notepad app for the power user.  It supports multiple tabs, formatting for coding, HTML and extensibility with plugins and more.  I like that it is extremely lightweight and is great for the local system. ~Lou


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